Dombyra (Dirilish Ertughrul)




When the dark winter hits my village
When the snow comes down in flurries
.I take my dombra
.I sing my heart’s song
.I never mention my worries (x2)

Elders who hear my dombra song
Mothers who listen to its meaning
.Think about what they hear,
.With their hearts shievering
.Wouldn’t spare their tears. (x2)

Ey, dombırа… Ey, dombırа…

Each day, the Nogai have myriad of troubles
In days when valiants don’t get any sleep
.Their hearts are boldened (by)
.During wartimes, empowered (with)
.All knowing, seasoned dombra (x2)

Ey, dombırа… Ey, dombırа…